Rock n’ Roll 20 Luckiest Songs Ever Created

Rock n’ Roll 20 Luckiest Songs Ever Created | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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We could all consider rockstars as the epitome of lucky people, with fame and fortune on their hands. But for them, the definition of being “lucky” is sometimes different from one another, be it from Mick Jagger’s point of view or Tom Petty’s. With that in mind, let’s explore these 20 luckiest (or not) songs ever created by a handful of artists who have their own share of the fortune.


“Lucky Ones” (1981) – Loverboy

For Loverboy, “Only the lucky ones get to steal the show.” Just don’t ask us if they are what they mean by their own song.

“Lucky Man” (1970) – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

“Lucky Man” was a special song for the prog-rock trio as it was the first song that Greg Lake wrote when he was a young boy. If you’re catching a different vibe from it, that’s partly due to Keith Emerson’s Moog solo – one of the few songs that had it then.

“Luck of the Draw” (1991) – Bonnie Raitt

With Irish songwriter Paul Brady, Bonnie Raitt made sure that “luck” can either be a good or bad thing. Be vigilant on the fake luck you’re seeing in the movies.

“Hard Luck Woman” (1976) – KISS

Albeit the definition of “Hard Luck Woman” is rather unlucky, Paul Stanley did, however, found greater success on this country-ballad written originally for Rod Stewart. KISS’s Peter Criss sang the lyrics for this one.

“Hard Luck Stories” (1986) – Neil Young

With a history of bad blood with some other person, Neil Young sings that if his phone rings, it better not be that guy.

“Every Little Thing” (1964) – The Beatles

In a typical Beatles sense, Paul McCartney was inspired to write a song when he felt he was the luckiest man in the world walking with his then-girlfriend Jane Asher. John Lennon sang the lead here.

“Lucky Town” (1992) – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen’s “Lucky Town” has a fresh change of pace, following the existential take of the previous song. “I been a long-time walking on fortune’s cane / Tonight I’m sleepin’ lightly and feelin’ no pain,” the boss sings.

“Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)” (1981) – Thin Lizzy

The high contrast between Hollywood and different cities made sense on this Thin Lizzy hit. Because “nobody understands when you’re down on your luck,” says Phil Lynott.

“Lucky in Love” (1985) – Mick Jagger

Why wouldn’t Mick Jagger write a song about something he’s lucky at? His first solo album “She’s the Boss” contained “Lucky in Love” and swore that he’s a natural-born winner with all the ladies he can find.

“Sister Luck” (1991) – The Black Crowes

“Sister luck is screaming out somebody else’s name,” sings Chris Robinson implying that luck doesn’t find him suitable. The song turned out fine though and remained well-beloved by Crowe fans.

“Lucky Guy” (1978) – Todd Rundgren

Seems like there are people who can live a life with luck always siding him. In this Todd Rundgren-penned song, the singer envies people who never seem to try hard in life.

“Gettin’ Lucky” (1977) – Head East

How to say you’re on a streak of one-night stands without actually saying it? Head East call it “Getting’ Lucky,” and they sure were discreet about the affairs.

“Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man” (1969) – The Byrds

Gram Parsons had his own laugh when he wrote “Drug Store Truck Drivin’ Man” with Roger McGuinn to Nashville DJ Ralph Emery, who disrespected the band. The song calls Emery the head of the KKK and he’d be “lucky if he’s not in town.”

“Lucky Number” (1975) – Golden Earring

The Dutch rockers made gambling fun with “Lucky Number,” calling all bets except for the unlucky no. 13.

“Lucky That Way” (2010) – Joe Walsh

With brother-in-law Ringo Starr playing the drums, Joe Walsh counts his blessings with “Lucky That Way.”

“Outlaw Blues” (1965) – Bob Dylan

This highlight from Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home,” he sings in full twang, how he carries luck in his “black tooth.” If that’s true or not, one could only ask.

“Lucky for You” (1978) – REO Speedwagon

“Lucky, I call you ‘cuz that’s the way you make me feel,” sings Kevin Cronin to his lover. It seems like the universe truly worked for REO Speedwagon for this one.

“You Got Lucky” (1982) – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Tom Petty sings about being careful with all the words we say, for “good love” is hard to find.

“Lucky” (2003) – Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer wasn’t contemplating on his luck when he gambled upon love. “I got so lucky when I placed my bet on you,” Palmer sings to his darling.

“Back in the U.S.S.R.” (1968) – The Beatles

Written by McCartney as a parody on both Beach Boys’ “California Girls” and Chuck Berry’s “Back In the U.S.A.,” singing “you don’t know how lucky you are, boy” while imagining life in iron curtains.