Rock Bands That Are “So Bad” To Tour With

Rock Bands That Are “So Bad” To Tour With | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s an obvious claim to believe that rock stars are just terrible persons to tour with. It’s a universal truth that when you allow someone to get paid an obscene amount of money over one performance, that person would eventually think that it’s okay to be an ass and throw or demand things according to his/her liking. Whether it’s trashing hotel rooms, having sex in a room full of groupies, or picking up fights with fellow bands, here are some of the rock bands who are just horrible people while on tour.


Led Zeppelin

Zep’s antics on-stage weren’t as rowdy as people would think it is; it’s the backstage that fulfills that claim. John Bonham was rumored to surprise Jimmy Page with a room full of groupies while he was dragged on a luggage cart. What’s funny is that Page was naked and only covered with whipped cream for that matter.

The Doors

Jim Morrison was known for his drunken and drugged self, which led him to do offensive things on-stage. At one point, he exposed himself while performing, which led the cops to arrest him.

The Who

Everyone knows Keith Moon aka “Moon the Loon.” Moon’s antics when he’s not performing (or performing!) is just too legendary not to be shared with everyone; from throwing TVs on hotel windows, driving a car to the pool, and getting high and eventually blackout from horse tranquilizers, everything is too much.

Guns N’ Roses

It’s a well-known fact that frontman Axl Rose is a pain in the ass to tour with. Always picking fights and starting riots here and there, there’s no stopping the man when it comes to violence.

Motley Crue

Motley Crue’s manager famously claimed that the band wasn’t just any band to deal with, they were “more like a gang.” Now and then, the members would just pick a fight with the other bands they’d tour with (Journey and Van Halen are some of its examples).


Aerosmith’s bad behavior gave them a nickname as the “bad boys from Boston.” Setting fireworks in their rooms, exploding TVs on swimming pools, and trashing hotels with the use of chainsaws, that’s what the band is well-known for.

Rolling Stones

The band had shared a part of the “hotel trashing” stories as well when they were young. They always when too far over the line and would demand almost impossible things. At one point, guitarist Keith Richards demanded shepherd’s pie pronto or else, he wouldn’t play. The concert was delayed because of that.

Jefferson Airplane

One of the famous bands to compete in the arena of selfishness would be Jefferson Airplane— especially singer Grace Slick. She caused a riot following a cancellation of a one-night performance because she was sick, and pretty much what she’s doing when she’s not performing is making love to everybody or destroying her liver with booze.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne’s name will forever be embedded in history due to his extreme tricks while or when he’s not performing. He had the unhealthiest lifestyle when he was still in Black Sabbath, and would go on and pee on things. He also once strangled his wife Sharon after a tour.

Van Halen

Hard-partying fanatics Van Halen are just too stressful to tour with, since most of the time, they would argue with each other. David Lee Roth would definitely threaten to punch you even if you weren’t doing anything.