Robert Plant Now Struggles Writing Lyrics

Robert Plant Now Struggles Writing Lyrics | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Robert Plant with the Band of Joy - Robert Plant /YouTube

Renowned musician Robert Plant has opened up about his struggles with writing lyrics for new music in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Despite his ongoing efforts to create fresh material, Plant expressed difficulty in finding the right words to convey his thoughts about the present world.

Unconventional Recording Methods

In the interview, Plant disclosed his unconventional approach to recording vocals, utilizing a Tascam digital recorder and a guitar pedal to achieve a desired sound. Reflecting on his creative process, he remarked,

“But I can’t find words. This is a very difficult time to try and wax lyrical out there.”

Despite the challenges, Plant emphasized the importance of persevering in artistic endeavors, highlighting the significance of musical expression and personal introspection. He shared,

“The camaraderie, the things that you share up there, and the frailties that you know you’re carrying with you quietly, the exposure of yourself to yourself, is something that I would hate to say goodbye to. I can’t just sit back.”

Ageless Artistry

At 75 years old, Plant remains committed to his artistic journey, prioritizing creative exploration over considerations of a memoir. He emphasized the importance of living in the present moment, stating,

“This is today. What happened in Schenectady in 1969 is another story. And for me, the continuum must keep going.”

Despite the challenges in writing new lyrics, Plant expressed determination to continue his musical pursuits, drawing inspiration from his extensive archive of unreleased material. He shared,

“Today, I was pulling all my lyric books out and going, ‘Gotta get the groove back. I’ve got something to say.’ So yeah, I’m going to keep going — as long as they’ve got effects machines that make me sound good!”

Nostalgic Reflections

Touching on his past performances of the iconic Led Zeppelin track “Stairway to Heaven,” Plant reflected on the emotional significance of the song and the possibility of its future rendition. He expressed uncertainty about revisiting the song, acknowledging the challenges of remembering its extensive lyrics.

Despite the lyrical struggles, Plant remains active in the music scene, recently announcing a summer tour with Alison Krauss, showcasing his enduring passion for performance and collaboration.