Ace Frehley Thinks Jimmy Page Is Sloppy – Agree?

Ace Frehley Thinks Jimmy Page Is Sloppy – Agree? | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has voiced his opinion on the guitar-playing skills of legendary musician Jimmy Page, suggesting that Page’s style may be characterized as “sloppy.” In a recent interview with Jeremy White, Frehley delved into his own experiences and reflections on guitar technique, shedding light on his views regarding Page’s playing style.

During the conversation

Frehley discussed the financial setbacks he faced over the years, particularly following his departure from Kiss and the band’s subsequent continuation with guitarist Tommy Thayer. Reflecting on this period, Frehley remarked,

“I lost millions and millions of dollars over the years after Tommy [Thayer] took over, but they just gave me the drive to make a better band, make better music. I don’t understand why they never put out a record after 20 years.”

In the course of the interview

Frehley drew comparisons between his own guitar technique and that of Tommy Thayer, his successor in Kiss. While acknowledging his own perceived shortcomings, Frehley remarked on the technical prowess of Thayer, suggesting that Thayer may even excel him in certain aspects. Frehley remarked,

“I was talking to an interviewer the other day, he’s going, ‘I listened to ‘Sonic Boom,’ I mean ‘Monster.” He goes, it’s Tommy Thayer trying to sound like me, which is kind of ridiculous because actually, Tommy’s not a bad guitar player. Technically he may even be a better guitar player than me. See, I’m sloppy. I’ll be the first one to admit it, and people have said it in comments. I’m sloppy, but I have a way about the way I play. I mean, Jimmy Page is sloppy.”


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Departing from Kiss

Addressing his departure from Kiss and Thayer’s subsequent tenure with the band, Frehley emphasized the uniqueness of his own playing style and expressed skepticism regarding Thayer’s ability to replicate it. Despite the end of Thayer’s time with Kiss, Frehley maintained a sense of pride in his individual approach to guitar playing.

“I’ve never had a guitar lesson. I was born with a certain technique that many people, namely Tommy Thayer, can’t duplicate. And with Tommy, yeah… that’s over now. It’s back to the breadline for him!”

While Frehley’s comments may seem critical, he clarified that he harbors no ill will towards Thayer or other members of Kiss, despite their public disagreements in the past. The interview provides insight into Frehley’s perspective on guitar technique and his reflections on his tenure with Kiss.

You can watch the interview below.