Robert Plant Is Tired Of Retirement Inquiries

Robert Plant Is Tired Of Retirement Inquiries | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Robert Plant in an interview - q on cbc / Youtube

Being one of the most iconic singers of all time, Robert Plant still doesn’t know when to stop. The 73-year-old singer, however, is often bombarded with questions of retirement, a thing that Plant cannot even begin to grasp.

In an interview from Telegraph, the former Led Zeppelin frontman said: “People used to say to me, ‘Well, you must have done enough now?’ Enough of fucking what? ‘Enough to retire!’ So, imagine the blessing to be 40 years further down the road, and I still don’t know enough to stop in any respect.” Plant believes that he’s still have so much to learn in the industry, far from all the thoughts of pedaling down with his career he built for over the course of time.

And who’s to say he’s joking about it? Among the former members of Led Zeppelin, he has released more albums and have participated to a lot of events in music; one of which is his upcoming 2022 tour with Alison Krauss.

This year, the two have just released an album together called Raise the Roof. The duo had previously worked together in 2007, with the first album called Raising Sand. Both of the LPs showed a remarkable side from Plant, which is inclined to vocal harmonies and blending of voices together with Krauss.

With a lot of things going on in his life, there seems to be no reason for Robert Plant to retire sooner.  For him, he’s “still going somewhere,” a privilege that he will not exchange for anything.