Reliving The Rebel Songs Of Tom Petty

Reliving The Rebel Songs Of Tom Petty | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Rebel-themed rock songs are no strangers to Tom Petty’s creative arsenal. From seemingly trite subjects to more alarming themes that need a double-take, Petty surely doesn’t mince his work. (Xanax) Here are some of the most memorable rebel songs from the iconic rocker that made a mark in his career.

“Jammin’ Me” – Let Me Up (I’ve Had Enough) (1987)

Petty has had enough with media sensationalism and mindless headlines that he enlisted another icon, Bob Dylan, to write this track with him. Riding on an indulgent progression, Petty made sure that he was heard, targeting some high-profile showbiz names to butt off. And butt off they did.

“Spike” – Southern Accents (1985)

Betting on the theme of being a societal misfit, “Spike” has listeners wondering whatever happened to the character as he tried to weave his way to the bizarreness of the real world.

“The Last DJ” – The Last DJ (2002)

As the clock struck the 21st century, Petty aimed at radio programming as a response to disgruntled souls sick of its corporate mindset. Petty didn’t come out unscathed, though, which led him to say that the song was misunderstood as it was really about society as a whole losing its moral compass.

“I Won’t Back Down” – Full Moon Fever (1989)

This track is a great, big flip-off to Petty’s record label that didn’t deem its parent album to have the potential for success. Featuring a guitar performance from George Harrison, “I Won’t Back Down” has this genuine spirit of resilience that is enough to inspire wearied spirits.

“Rebels” – Southern Accents (1985)

While the title might say it all, the story behind its inception was one for the books. Petty was finding it frustrating to frame the song’s arrangement so bad that he punched a wall at the studio and broke his hand as a result. Good thing that producer Jimmy Iovine stepped in to fill in the blanks for him.