Relive Wilson Pickett & Duane Allman’s Cover of The Beatles

Relive Wilson Pickett & Duane Allman’s Cover of The Beatles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman’s Hey Jude - Θάνος Καρατζιάς / YouTube

The Beatles, aside from establishing their careers as prominent artists, have also acquired fame from a couple of their songs being covered by almost everyone. With their variety of tracks being lauded as the greats, it’s quite hard to compete with its popularity. And though others prefer the originals, we still couldn’t disregard the fact that there are a number of great versions that surged the moment it went on.

“Hey Jude” was a song of choice by Wilson Pickett and a young Duane Allman for a Beatles cover. Unlike its original version, Pickett preferred and manage to sing it in a very soulful method, a completely dissimilar style from the mellow and dramatic voice of the original version from Paul McCartney. Its fantastic touch was Allman’s stroke of brilliance as well, crafting the cover version into a whole new level of intensity. With this, Eric Clapton once admitted that he was so mesmerized with Duane’s cover version of this work that he picked this as his favorite R&B guitar solo, announcing it as “the best.”

You can listen to the version here: