Relive The 5 New Rock Artists Of 1964

Relive The 5 New Rock Artists Of 1964 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Yardbirds at the Boutom Rouge Show, 1968 - JimMcCartyandCo / Youtube

Just a decade later from the establishment of rock n’ roll as a new genre to monopolize popular music, the 1960’s were a great avenue for budding artists to showcase their talents. With the Beatles getting big overseas and heading the British invasion, these new bands didn’t have the tenure to match. But they carried with them the grit, determination, and creativity to succeed in the artistic atmosphere of the era. Here are the newest rock acts of 1964.

The Animals

The Animals were a British rock act that had their roots mostly in rhythm and blues. Their gritty and raw blues sound, paired with vocalist Eric Burdon, who had a deep voice for his age, cemented their signature sound in the industry. They are most known for their rendition of “House Of The Rising Sun”, which garnered attention overseas as well. However, the band fell into bad management, and ended it before the sixties ended. They have reunited in various dates however, with surviving members gathering for concerts and shows.

The Kinks

One of the pioneering rock acts of the 60’s, The Kinks are considered one of punk rock’s forefathers, especially their implementation of the distorted guitar sound. The band was a part of the British invasion as well, before they were banned due to the dysfunctional relationship between Ray and Dave Davies. They are most known for songs like “You Really Got Me” and “Lola”.

The Shangri-Las

While not an exclusively rock group, The Shangri-Las were a female vocal group that dominated the pop scene of the era. They were most known for their reputation as the tough girls of the neighborhood, with rumors of their brusque escapades spreading like wildfire, like Mary Weiss’ firearm smuggling across state lines. She responded that she needed the protection when someone tried to break in her hotel room during one of their gigs. They are known for songs like “I Can Never Go Home Anyway” and “Give Us Your Blessings”.

The Zombies

Pioneered by now-seasoned musician Rod Argent, The Zombies were an English rock act known for their psychedelic style. Still part of the British Invasion lineup, The Zombies were delegated to America to promote their music, and just like the bands who set foot earlier, was received warmly, mostly by teenage girls. The group found success in both America and the UK, with hits like “She’s Not There” and “Tell Her No”.

The Yardbirds

One of the most prominent rock bands of the 60’s were the Yardbirds. They popularized blues, hard, and psychedelic rock in their material, becoming pivotal in the rise of succeeding artists. The band also allowed three of the greatest guitarists of rock; Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton, to start their careers and explore their interests while they still had youth with them. They are known for tracks like “For Your Love” and “Heart Full Of Soul”.