Relive The 5 New Rock Artist Of 1972

Relive The 5 New Rock Artist Of 1972 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Marshall Tucker Band performs Can't You See, 1977 - TheJay55 / Youtube

The 1970’s were considered to be the golden age of rock, even as psychedelia slowly died down with its advent. Hard rock, heavy metal, progressive, and roots rock became the centerpiece of the genre as the decade progressed, among other popular variants. In a span of 5 years or less, the newcomers from the 60’s dominated the scene with their unparalleled creativity and virtuosity, filling arenas now just like they filled clubs back then. Here are some of the top rock acts of 1972.

Bruce Springsteen

The Boss, as he’s fondly called, is known for his pioneering work in the roots rock scene, with lyrics giving emphasis to the daily struggles of the working class man, sometimes laced with social commentary. This straightforward approach to lyricism is paired with Springsteen’s energetic antics and upbeat arrangements sometimes fools the listener into thinking about the melody and its impact rather than the message of the song. Springsteen’s heartland rock sound has made him one of the most distinct rock artists of his time, along with his raspy vocal quality that has been a standard in the genre.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Canadian hard rock outfit Bachman-Turner Overdrive flourished in the 70’s along with their better known contemporaries. Basically, BTO championed the gutiar-driven rock of the era, quickly passing soft rock and glam rock by, even as the two styles dominated the charts. Drummer Rob Bachman attributes it to timing and their passion, saying “We were basically fans of all kinds of music, but really liked the old kind of rock-and-roll…like Elvis and the funky kinds of rock bands like The Stones. Luckily for us, Creedence had just called it quits, and we came out with three- and four-chord rock-and-roll with Fred Turner’s gruff voice. So it was basically this working man’s kind of rock-and-roll.” This made them one of the best selling bands of the 70’s, garnering 7 million album sales in the decade.


The bad boys from Boston was the conglomeration of two amateur bands that fell inlove with each other’s playing, and decided to marry and become one of the biggest acts in town. Known for their hard rock sound that ties well with their image, Aerosmith shot to rock superstardom in a span of few years. Though the band was plagued with drug problems in their prime years, especially the Toxic Twins Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, they managed to bounce back after almost losing their careers. Till now, the band continues to do live performances, headlined by their residency in Las Vegas.

The Marshall Tucker Band

Known for pioneering the Southern rock genre in the early 70’s, the Marshall Tucker Band used their influences from blues, country, and jazz to create their distinct brand of rock. Their songs mainly delved into country and jazz territory, but the band has also been known to do psychedelic material and classic rock, and is frequently tied to extended instrumental jams. The Marshall Tucker band is considered to be one of the longest lasting rock bands around, playing non-stop for 45 years under various lineups.

New York Dolls

Being cult icons in rock, the New York Dolls represented the American side in the hard rock scene, and are also considered as one of the pioneers of punk rock. They also predated glam rock, with their androgynous choice of clothing, heels, and hats. The New York Dolls are considered to have taken elements out of hard rock, glam rock, and pop music, becoming their own blend of dirty and gritty rock n’ roll. While the band wasn’t the best when it came to technicality, their whole atmosphere carried the punk rock sigil for successors to carry.