Relive Bob Seger’s Previously Unreleased Concert In 1980

Relive Bob Seger’s Previously Unreleased Concert In 1980 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via BobSeger1981 / Youtube

Bob Seger struck the lightning twice in his fantastic performance at the Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan, the 2nd time he performed there. The first lightning resulted in his first seminal album Live Bullet, and the 2nd one became Nine Tonight.

The two performances at the Cobo Hall could be credited to his commercial success. From 1976 onwards, Seger and his Silver Bullet Band began its chart accomplishments as well as the dominant group in American rock radio stations. Bob Seger and his band carried a lot of outstanding performances and resulted in 3 amazing albums and numerous hits.

The 2nd performance became another jackpot to all his fans, since the band remained truly outrageous and devoted to their authenticity, delivering blues and rock hits. He also established a good amount of time for jamming.  You can watch the unedited part 1 of the set below.


  1. (Audience)

  2. “Feel Like a Number”

  3. “Travelin’ Man” / “Beautiful Loser”

  4. “Still the Same”

  5. “Main Street”

  6. “Old Time Rock and Roll”

  7. “Turn the Page”

  8. “Against the Wing”

  9. “Her Strut”