Relive Blondie Perform ‘Heart of Glass’ In Old Grey Whistle Test in 1979

Relive Blondie Perform ‘Heart of Glass’ In Old Grey Whistle Test in 1979 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via ArtNoyze / Youtube

Back in time when people wanted to do punk and be referred to as “cool,” Blondie changed the stereotype and proved to everybody that you don’t need to tether on punk to attain the adjective when they released one of their most definitive songs, “Heart of Glass.”

Blondie went through a lot to achieve the fame that they were in, but this was the song that catapulted them to mainstream stardom. How ironic it is, that the ticket to your success is deeply rooted in the disco tunes, and not the entirety of punk. Yet, Blondie never bothered on giving two cents about it.

To prove how large the band was during their Parallel Lines album promotion, Blondie was invited to perform “Heart of Glass” inside one of BBC’s most prized programs, The Old Grey Whistle Test. The program is a marvelous opportunity devised to showcase a lot of thriving bands and artists, who are either popular or still starting; indeed, a guarantee that whenever you’d step onto its stage, people will listen to you.

Yet, as lovely as it sounds during their heyday, Blondie was put up to so much hatred when they released the song as rock fans accused them of being a “buy-out” to commerciality, and were not too kind on this new wave band. Nevertheless, they proved everybody wrong when they showed how well they are as a live band, giving the right zest to “Heart of Glass,” displaying that they are worthy to be a part of this musical niche.

Check out their 1979 performance at The Old Grey Whistle Test here.