Relive and Watch Genesis’ Legendary Wembley Concert

Relive and Watch Genesis’ Legendary Wembley Concert | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Marquitos Satto / Youtube

Watch and relive the legacy of Genesis inside their iconic Wembley Concert. The full DVD release version of the video can be seen below.

Among the many things that Genesis became known for is their knack for innovation. Shot in High Definition for the first time, their cameras had to be flown from the US and Japan. The band’s appearance at the Wembley stadium ended their lengthy tour in support of their 1986 album, Invisible Tour. At that point, Genesis was at its peak and no one could absolutely touch them.

Genesis’ keyboardist, Tony Banks, recalled inside their 2007 autobiography that phenomenal moment of the band’s glorious days.  “Nearly 300,000 people at Wembley,” Tony Banks said. “I thought at the time, and I still think now, that moment was the peak of our career.” A year after, the concert then became available in a DVD release, which had an ugly cover for a DVD, but at least the inside is what matters truly.

The stunning set opens with “Mama,” from their 1983 self-titled album. Followed by “Abacab” and a brief drum match between Chester Thompson and Phil Collins. “Domino,” “That’s All,” the prog-rock “Brazilian,” “Land of Confusion,” the mellow “Tonight Tonight Tonight” and the lovely “Throwing it All Away” were among the highlights. An Audience Participation Time is included in the song “Home By The Sea,” followed by the new single from their current album “Invisible Touch.” Another drum duet came back to life once again, with “Los Endos” and “Turn It On Again” as the tracks to end the prosperous event.

Watch and be amazed by Genesis in their full-fledged glory here.