Relive 5 Songs Popularized By The Allman Brothers Band

Relive 5 Songs Popularized By The Allman Brothers Band | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Duane Allman of The Allman Brothers Band - Daniel Shiel / Youtube

The Allman Brothers Band was a grand conclusion of talent and luck that transpired as the Allmans – Duane and Gregg – honed their musical skills years earlier. Whether it be a band or session musician gig, the siblings made it work to a point that the individual members gravitated towards them, forming the Southern rock titan that, quite frankly, was the definition of the genre. As a celebration of this larger-than-life rock phenomenon, here are some of the best cuts from the Allman Brothers Band.

“Statesboro Blues” – At Fillmore East (1971)

Brief but impactful – this was the Allman Brothers’ flex when it came to the live setting. Their version of the Blind Willie McTell original takes blues to a whole new level, most especially notable thanks to Duane’s melodic slide performance.

“Melissa” – Eat a Peach (1972)

The Allman siblings recalled this original for Eat A Peach, and boy did it improve. Not only did the song become extra wistful, but it showed the band’s capacity to phrase and strategize its arrangements as well.

“Jessica” – Brothers And Sisters (1973)

Post-Duane material is easily represented by 1973’s “Jessica”, named after Dickey Betts’ own daughter. More commercially appealing, the instrumental is as tight as fans can hope to hear.

“Whipping Post” – The Allman Brothers Band (1969)

Originally part of their debut record, “Whipping Post” bloomed fully at the Fillmore East version. It’s still mind-boggling how a 20s-something Gregg Allman came up with the iconic blues number.

“Ramblin’ Man” – Brothers And Sisters (1973)

As said earlier, Brothers And Sisters was a more accessible record thanks to its pop leanings – the slight change of sound came with Betts’ jazz influences. “Ramblin’ Man” carries the essential pop qualities like its catchy hook and its indulgent solo that makes it such a prized cut from the album.