Quiet Riot Releases Unfinished Kevin DuBrow Song

Quiet Riot Releases Unfinished Kevin DuBrow Song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Quiet Riot / Youtube

Featuring the late Kevin DuBrow on vocals and Frankie Banali on drums, Quiet Riot has released a previously unreleased tune. Take a look at the video presented below.

Rehab, the group’s album from 2008, has finally been made available on streaming sites, and “I Can’t Hold On” is featured on the restored edition. DuBrow died in 2007, and Banali in 2020. On this posthumous record, they are accompanied by a former bassist and bandmate Rudy Sarzo. A demo he and DuBrow made in 2003 served as the basis for the full-length release, which also features Grossi on guitar.

When Grossi stumbled onto the old tape in 2021, he immediately knew that Quiet Riot needed to finish “I Can’t Hold On” for their devoted audience. It wasn’t until last summer that an old iPod brought back memories of it. “The way it came to life almost 20 years later is truly special,” Grossi said.

Moreover, Sarzo revealed that he felt emotional during the final stages of recording the bass sections that would bring the song full circle. “I was all by myself, but [spiritually], Frankie and Kevin were in the room with me,” Sarzo explained to Ultimate Classic Rock. “I know their musical tastes so well, and what they liked.” This helped him in formulating the kind of style that the two guitarists would’ve preferred.

Listen to it below.