Pianist Renders Hauntingly Beautiful Cover Of ‘Hotel California’

Pianist Renders Hauntingly Beautiful Cover Of ‘Hotel California’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Hotel California Cover – Gamazda /YouTube

This incredibly talented woman gave a sweet rendition to the Eagles’ classic “Hotel California”.

Gamazda is a content creator on YouTube that is well-known for her wonderful piano covers to various classic records. She mostly covers the hit songs of rock bands like Queen, Linkin Park, Eagles, the Rolling Stones, and many more. A sweet touch of the keyboard instrument makes it sound like you are in heaven.

The beach-themed background makes it seem so warm inside, and it contrasts the song in a surprisingly sweet and chilly manner, something that you would ask for in the scorching heat of the summer wave. As the song progresses, you can feel the intensity getting stronger, with a good look of her getting into the song as well.

You can watch and listen to the cover here.