Paul McCartney Talks About Hope And COVID-19

Paul McCartney Talks About Hope And COVID-19 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, and Paul McCartney in a live stream of Stern's show - The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

It seems that the growing trend today from musicians and major news/entertainment portals to constantly dish out content is through live streaming, as the current coronavirus pandemic has the world at its knees. This is just another innovative move from artists who have no choice but to stay at home to prevent the spread of the disease.

On the Howard Stern Show, where Stern and co-host Robin Quivers continue their program via online means – the legendary Paul McCartney participated in one episode where he was phone-patched to the broadcast. Stern asked McCartney, “Can you believe what’s going on…did you ever think in your lifetime you’d see something like this? I said, ‘It’s like living in an alternate reality’.”

McCartney responded on his end, saying, “No, it’s just…it’s so crazy. I’m from the generation that had just come out of World War 2. And the spirit that they showed, we’d do whatever’s necessary, we all pulled together, and was trying to stay happy – and that spirit was kind of what they needed, and it’s what we need now. And, it is around, that’s what we’re seeing now that a lot of people are pulling together in a way. It’s a great thing, because if we don’t, we’re finished. But it is good to see that it’s inspiring.”

Check out the rest of the conversation by clicking on the video below.