Paul McCartney Reveals His List Of Favorite Drummers

Paul McCartney Reveals His List Of Favorite Drummers | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney promotes his new album, McCartney III - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

Being one of the principal songwriters from the greatest band in the world, there’s no doubt that Sir Paul McCartney is a well-respected man in the music industry. Together with John Lennon on the iconic Lennon-McCartney songwriting duo, they created songs that did not only stood the test of time but are still considered highly influential in today’s standards. In that sense, it seems obvious that for each song made by Macca himself, he needs it to be the best.

Unlike the classic approach of learning how to play an instrument, McCartney learned only through listening to many records and is self-taught. A diligent person, he utilizes his time to fully grasp how a thing works which, in turn, became very useful since such skills allowed him to be a multi-instrumentalist. During the course of their pre-Beatle days, while they were still carrying the Silver Beetles name, Macca holds the electric guitar duties, which he would trade for the classic bass from then on.

Yet aside from that, during the sessions of The Beatles White album, it wasn’t such a secret to keep that Paul had assumed the roles as the drummer for the songs, “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” “Dear Prudence,” and “Martha My Dear.” Since the band’s original drummer Ringo Starr left during this point, McCartney had no choice but to fulfill the duties.

One thing that is to know about Sir McCartney is that he has a domineering spirit, to the point where it sometimes interferes with everyone. Along with his sheer gift of skills as a multi-instrumentalist, concludes that the ever-technical McCartney sometimes has trouble teaching people what exact tune does he like, and it’s not rare to bicker about that with his bandmates, ergo, with Ringo sometimes.

Nevertheless, in a true brotherly fashion, Macca revealed in The Howard Stern Show his top three picks on the greatest drummer category. The first would be with Ringo Starr, followed by Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham and The Who’s Keith Moon. McCartney added: “Not technically the best by a long shot, but for feel and emotion and economy, they’re always there, particularly Ringo.”

As far as we all know, Bonham and Moon were always included in the list of the most technical and prolific drummers of the rock genre, with their knack of slaying drum solos, loud beats, fast tempos, etc. But to be a drummer inside The Beatles is a lot harder than you think. Since the band was technically the father of music innovation, you have to keep track of what’s about to come, even if you least expected it.

Whether or not Paul McCartney had chosen Ringo for the sake of them being close friends, we’ll never guess. But knowing Macca’s incredible journey inside the music industry, could one immediately obtain the idea that he will always settle for what, or in this case, who is the best.

Paul McCartney’s list of his favorite drummers

– Ringo Starr

– John Bonham

– Keith Moon