Paul McCartney Features Johnny Depp In ‘My Valentine’ Rendition

Paul McCartney Features Johnny Depp In ‘My Valentine’ Rendition | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney live in 2010 - Video & Music Clips / Youtube

In line with the recent controversial trial, legendary Paul McCartney features a clip of Johnny Depp’s guitar solo as the musician performed his own song, “My Valentine.” The link for the Instagram video can be seen below.

Macca is on a roll right now, with the recent release of The Beatles’ Get Back documentary and with him going back to his first love of performing live with the audience; after three long years. Right now, we’re more than happy to know that he’s back with his “Got Back” tour.

The supposed European tour was erased due to the outbreak of Covid-19, then the pandemic began. While Macca kept himself busy with the release of McCartney III, he has hopes to finally return on stage. Lucky for him, his dream come true.

The highlights of the tour are of course the anticipation of a McCartney comeback, his surprise gift to the audience with a video of the late John Lennon, singing the other half of “I’ve Got a Feeling,” and his tribute to the late George Harrison by performing the latter’s “Something” using the Harrison’s ukulele gift.

But perhaps the most surprising of them all is during the musician’s performance of his song “My Valentine.” A clip behind McCartney shows Johnny Depp performing the song in guitar, a rather incredible and bold move for the singer. Though there were no comments whatsoever, his actions are freely telling that he’s standing up for his friend, who is currently facing a controversial trial with Amber Heard, his ex-wife. Mixed reactions are arising from the internet, since both actors are claiming serious allegations with one another.

The background video reminded us that despite the public’s opinion, McCartney is with Depp, and he’s done his part of standing up for him through this simple gesture.

Check it out here.