Paul McCartney Announces Details About A Limited Edition Album

Paul McCartney Announces Details About A Limited Edition Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul and Linda McCartney in the Heart Of The Country music video - Paul McCartney / Youtube

Former Beatle and Wings frontman Paul McCartney reveals the release date of late wife Linda McCartney’s album, Wild Prairie, which will be on the 2nd of August, 2019.

Wild Prairie was initially released on vinyl in 1998, and was a posthumous compilation following Linda’s passing. The reissue will feature limited edition vinyl flavors, as seen on the statement from Paul McCartney’s Twitter account.

“Linda McCartney’s ‘Wide Prairie’ will be released 2nd August on limited edition white / blue coloured vinyl and black vinyl. The reissue will mark the first time the album has been available on vinyl since its original 1998 release.

To celebrate the Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibition coming to the UK for the first time ‘Wide Prairie’ will be reissued on 2nd August. More info on the Glasgow exhibition HERE.”

Linda was also part of Wings, and was taught to play the keyboards by Paul for the prior Ram venture. She also played as lead vocals in a variation of Wings called Suzy and The Red Stripes. Check out Paul McCartney’s tweets below!