Patti Smith Wrote A Poem For Greta Thunberg

Patti Smith Wrote A Poem For Greta Thunberg | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Patti Smith live at the Jimmy Fallon show - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

The controversial teenaged climate activist has recently turned 17 years old just had one of rock music’s best writers offer a poem in celebration of her day. Punk poet laureate Patti Smith posted on her Instagram page a heartfelt poem for Greta Thunberg for her special day.

Smith references Thunberg’s climate change agenda, which is all the more relevant today considering what has happened to Australia lately. Greta Thunberg’s iconic photo holding a sign that said “Skolstrejk för klimatet (school strike for climate)” at the Swedish Parliament’s steps made her the new face of the climate change movement, amassing support from all over the world. This doesn’t come with naysayers, though, as climate change deniers have countered her claims just as much as her supporters back her up. Her brazen stand against it all has earned her the acclaim of being Time Magazine’s Person of The Year for 2019.

This is
Greta Thunberg, turning
seventeen today, asking
for no accolade, no gifts,
save we not be neutral.
The Earth knows its kind,
just as all deities, just as
animals and the healing
spring. Happy birthday
to Greta, who stood today,
as every Friday, refusing
to be neutral.