Nikki Sixx’s Daughter Turns 25 – See The “Sweet” Way She And Dad Celebrated Her Big Day

Nikki Sixx’s Daughter Turns 25 – See The “Sweet” Way She And Dad Celebrated Her Big Day | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Happy Birthday, Storm!

It was a joyous week indeed for Nikki Sixx and his family as his daughter Storm celebrated a major milestone, turning 25 on Monday, April 15th.

25 is a weird one; it doesn’t come with the same newfound independence that turning 18 does, it’s not the green light to officially do whatever you want (within reason, of course) that 21 comes with, and it’s not as weighty as turning 30. So what do you do when you’re the child of a rockstar and you’re celebrating this milestone of a birthday that doesn’t really come with anything attached to it?

Answer: you go to Japan and get some sweet new ink with your old man.

That’s right; for her 25th birthday, Storm Sixx jetted off to Japan with her dad where they marked the occasion with matching tattoos, both sporting fresh pink, sugary cupcakes – a fun tribute to her childhood nickname “Cupcake” bestowed upon her by Nikki when she was small.

Nikki graciously shared a photo of their day out in Japan to social media, adding a sweet caption in Storm’s honor.

“Happy birthday to my free spirited, big thinker, kind hearted beautiful daughter “Storm” today,” wrote Nikki. “Here we are in Japan getting matching “Cupcake” tattoo’s [sic] because that was her nickname from me when she was little. Daughter’s [sic] will always be your little girl no matter how big they get..So proud of her and really looking forward to a father daughter date tonight to hear all about her newest dreams and aspirations. #ProudFather #Family

That’s not the only Mötley Crüe love that Storm got that day, either. Crüe drummer Tommy Lee even chimed in down in the comment section, writing “Happy Bday Storm!!!!!!!🙌🏼” to the new 25-year-old.

@nikkisixxpixx / Instagram

All in all, I’d say that Storm had a pretty solid birthday – after all, how many dads do you know of that would take their daughters to get matching cupcake tattoos?

Happy birthday, Storm!