Neil Young Announces 2020 Archival Release

Neil Young Announces 2020 Archival Release | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Young live in 1995 - Farm Aid / Youtube

Neil Young has just disclosed details on his upcoming archival releases this 2020.

The folk icon will be starting the year off by way of releasing his shelved 1975 record, Homegrown, which will be on the shelves on April 18.

“Homegrown vinyl in the house right now. Finished records! Homegrown is all analog! The purest sound. Hear the vinyl. Get a nice phonograph player. This is the record to do that on! My first ever narration with Ben ‘Longgrain’ Keith and live sound effects. Some beautiful music and fun rocking songs as well,” wrote Young on his website, Neil Young Archives. “This is the one that got away. I am stoked to share this with you,” he concluded.

Also, Young will be releasing Return To Greendale on June 19, which is a 2003 live project with Crazy Horse. Archives Volume 2 will follow on July 24, and another Crazy Horse live project but way back in 1990 called Rust Bucket on October 16. Lastly, his live solo recording from 1971, Young Shakespeare will be out on November 27.