Nancy Wilson of Heart Releases Cover of “The Rising” By Bruce Springsteen

Nancy Wilson of Heart Releases Cover of “The Rising” By Bruce Springsteen | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Nancy Wilson and Heart live in 2002 - thebandheart / Youtube

Nancy Wilson has released her own rendition of the Bruce Springsteen classic, “The Rising”, as a preview to her upcoming solo album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Heart guitarist shared: “Under the conditions we’re all living in now, this song is something that might help people. It’s a spiritual song and a call to a greater good, a human condition that is bigger than we are. As humans are picked off by this crazy invisible enemy [of COVID-19], we are trying to rise up above it and take some kind of comfort in our own spirituality.”

The 2002 Springsteen cut is one of the three covers that make it on the album – Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” and Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” join the rest of the seven originals on the record. With a working title The Lab, Wilson is hoping to push it out by March 2021.

“It’s like we’re all a bunch of mad scientists. There’s a lot of people working in the laboratory trying to craft something cool for rock ‘n’ roll,” she explained of the title.

“Party at the Angel Ballroom” has Duff McKagan of GNR and Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins contributing to it. Wilson said, “Taylor sent me 11 tracks of vocals just yesterday. I told him that he turned the song into a party. He’s got Brian Wilson harmony vocals going on over here and a little [David] Bowie going on over there. It’s now one of the big rockers on the album.”

Lockdown recording was a challenge for Wilson, however, as she was used to having professionals help her out on it. She pushed through with the help of an app and wrote songs with guitarist Ryan Waters, bassist Andy Stoller, and drummer Ben Smith. “We formed a little community,” she shared. “It takes much longer working this way since we’re all at our homes and not in a studio together.”

Wilson said in a press release that the pandemic situation pushed her to do a solo album, saying: “There have been so many times I was asked about when I would ever put out a solo album,” she said. “Well, the time is now. Having been unable to tour and having spent so much time at home has made a good space for creating new music.”