The Musical Instrument of Fear – The Apprehension Engine

The Musical Instrument of Fear – The Apprehension Engine | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Listen to the sounds of your nightmares! 

This strange fascinating musical contraption is created by Canadian guitar-maker Tony Duggan-Smith for TV and Film composer Mark Korven, best known for his work on the soundtrack of The VVitch. Korven just sketched an idea he had for an instrument that specializes in creating horror sounds to use in a score he was doing for a horror film. The instrument now called “The Apprehension Engine” is made of metal rulers, an Ebow string, a spring reverb, long metal rods, magnets, and everything else that produces creepy sounds. The engineering of the combination of these objects turn to create the ultimate musical instrument of fear, producing horrific sounds in the most organic way, sounds that are usually produced synthetically. The output will surely raise the hairs on the back of your neck!

Check out the spookiest instrument in the video below: