Rare Beatles-Era Paul McCartney Christmas Record Leaks Online

Rare Beatles-Era Paul McCartney Christmas Record Leaks Online | I Love Classic Rock Videos

“Once I put together something crazy, something left field, just for the other Beatles, a fun thing which they could play late in the evening. It was just something for the mates, basically…It was really a kind of stoned thing”, Paul McCartney once revealed in a 1995 interview.

That “stone thing” record was never released to the public, and the only four copies to ever exist (one for every Beatle, Paul included) were thought to have disappeared forever. Until now, 52 years later! The extremely rare recording made by McCartney for his bandmates as a gift on Christmas 1965 has surfaced online via the Dangerous Minds website.

Oh the wonders of the internet! Fans are in for a treat in Paul McCartney’s labor of love, a sort of mix-tape for his fellow Beatles, with an 18-minute line up of songs that McCartney himself chose, sang and recorded. There’s even commentary included in the recording! We’re sure John, George, and Ringo enjoyed this sweet gift Paul had given them and now the rest of the world will too.

Listen to Paul McCartney’s rare 1965 Christmas recording for the Beatles below.