12 Neil Young Guitars You Should Know About

12 Neil Young Guitars You Should Know About | I Love Classic Rock Videos

He’s a collector!

The Canadian music legend has had a very colorful and historical career. He’s been rocking out through the decades and is still a very strong advocate of many things that help mankind and the Mother Earth. He’s also one of the best guitarists out there and is known to have a personal collection of fine guitars that he himself uses in his own shows and on tour. He has a wide variety of both electric and acoustic guitars and even has his iconic Mastertone banjo in the mix. He has stated he is quite fond of cheap guitars too but owns high end ones as well. With his guitars, the Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer has penned many award winning hits including “Old Man”, “Harvest Moon” and “Heart of Gold”.

Check out 12 guitars from his musical collection below:

1) 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

photo source: lespaulforum.com


2) Martin D-45

photo source: rusted-moon.com

3) Martin D-28

photo source: spinditty.com

4) Vintage Martin D-18

photo source: acousticguitar.com

5) Taylor 855

photo source: Six String Vanguard

6) 1927 Gibson Mastertone Banjo

photo source: kawarthanow.com


7) Les Paul Jr.

photo source: pinterest

8) Gibson Flying V

photo source: soundsof71.tumblr.com


9) Gibson Explorer


10. Fender Broadcaster

11. Guild M20


12. Gretsch White Falcon