10 Album Covers Re-imagined with Cats

10 Album Covers Re-imagined with Cats | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Meowsic and Art

Cat lovers who love rock n’ roll are in for a treat! This amazing series of legendary album covers are re-imagined with furry kittens on them. Created by New York-based artist Alfra Martini (aymivisuals), she replaced the iconic rockstars on their album covers with adorable kittens! This playful parody brings a fresh and fun take on the familiar album art we’ve been accustomed to seeing. The artist Alfra Martini is also a singer-songwriter in the band Virginia Plain. She says that her Kitten Covers collection is a personal tribute to classic rock albums that has influenced her. And now it’s taken us over too!

Check out the fun and furry album stars below:


Sinead O’Kitten

Bob Meowly

Aretha: Kitty Soul

Fleetwood Cat

Cat Cobain

Meowvin Gaye

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Meowy


The CatDoors

Michael Catson