Motörhead’s Phil Campbell Talks About Losing Lemmy Kilmister

Motörhead’s Phil Campbell Talks About Losing Lemmy Kilmister | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Motörhead Official / YouTube

It’s never easy to lose a member of your band, but when that member was also a friend, it can be very trying. Phil Campbell, the former bassist for Motörhead, recently spoke on Appetite for Distortion, where he talked about the impact of seeing their recently released live video, dealing with Lemmy Kilmister’s absence, and the band’s longstanding sense of brotherhood.

Phil Campbell has commented that seeing live footage of Motörhead is both sad and delightful. As difficult as it may be to move forward without the band’s leader, this is a great approach to ensure that Kilmister’s legacy lives on.

“It’s a bit of both, sometimes,” Campbell explained. “You know, especially when you can see them smiling and joking on any footage, that’s always nice. The other times, you get a different feeling, like it makes you sad. But it’s great to have it out there, and we were, like, kind of a unique brotherhood together, especially the three [Campbell, Michael Burston, and Kilmister] of us, for so many years playing together.”

“I can cope with seeing it all again,” he added. “There’s a lot of stuff and people together all the time. The stuff I wouldn’t need, even forgotten about it, that I wouldn’t have seen before. So, it’s all good in the end, I guess.”

The guitarist continued by saying that the band’s lengthy history together gave them a special bond of brothers. Campbell longed for that type of companionship again, and the recently released movies and live footage were a chance to keep it alive by bringing back fond memories of times long since passed. They also made it possible for fans to come as near to Motörhead as possible.

“It’s good for the fans to see what it was like as much as they can see you, of everybody was like about,” Phil continued. “I mean, nobody will ever know what it was like unless you were actually in Motörhead, but you can go kind of close-ish, I guess. I wrote both cut out for people and whatever.”