How Wolf Van Halen Plans To Include Eddie In Mammoth WVH

How Wolf Van Halen Plans To Include Eddie In Mammoth WVH | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Mammoth WVH, the band that Wolfgang Van Halen fronts, has been quite productive for him professionally. It looks like we may now look forward to a second album from the group. Wolfgang gave an update to his fans in an interview with Total Guitar, revealing that he planned to use some of his late father Eddie Van Halen’s instruments on his next solo album.

“The only thing I have left to do is track the guitar solos, so what I want to do is go through some of Pop’s notable guitars and do a solo with each of them,” Wolfgang said. “Guitars like the Frankenstein or the Shark, stuff like that.”

He added: “The SA-126 is on pretty much the entirety of the album. We were almost surprised as we kept going through. It was like, ‘Wow, okay, this works for this, too,’ and ‘Oh my god, this works really well again over here!’ From the cleans to the really heavy stuff, it sounded crazy!”

Wolfgang’s first album, titled Mammoth WVH, came out in 2021. The album was well-received by both music reviewers and listeners after its initial release. During the solos on “Mammoth” and “Feel,” Wolf utilized Eddie’s famous Frankenstrat guitar. Wolf authored all the songs and performed all the instruments on the album.