Listen To Jimmy Page And David Coverdale’s Heart-Wrenching Song

Listen To Jimmy Page And David Coverdale’s Heart-Wrenching  Song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Imagine some of your favorite bands working together on a single project. As artists work together, their visions become reality, and a lot of the resulting songs become rock ‘n’ roll classics.

When Jimmy Page and David Coverdale got together to record an album in 1993, it was like Christmas for fans of both Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake. After the widely anticipated Zeppelin reunion fizzled out, Page focused on solo projects and Led Zeppelin’s remastered repertoire while Whitesnake disintegrated. Thus, it wasn’t a very fruitful time for the two, but fresh releases still found an audience.

Coverdale, Page, and Mike Fraser all worked on the album Coverdale-Page. The album was met with mixed reviews after its release. Several music journalists hailed the album as the ultimate synthesis of Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake, while others dismissed it with mixed reviews. On the other hand, the song “Take Me for a Little While” featured on the album has great significance for the pair.

These emotions were captured on Coverdale-Page, and it appears that David Coverdale felt the song “Take Me for a Little While” united him and Page in their shared anguish. In an interview with Dmitry M. Epstein from 2008, the singer explained that he and Page had both experienced the death of close friends, which had inspired the song’s subject matter.

“It was a song about loss and grieving,” the Whitesnake singer said. “We’d both lost dear friends in our lives. It was a very honest sentiment, and I still enjoy the record when I hear it. I saw Jimmy earlier this year; he came to our London show. He told me he wished we’d had more time to work together. We maintain a good, supportive friendship. I treasure him in my life.”

The duo is now preparing a 30th-anniversary edition of Coverdale-Page that will include new mixes of the songs, four previously unheard tracks, and other extras.