Make Your Day With Rush’s Funniest Moments

Make Your Day With Rush’s Funniest Moments | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Chuey99 / Youtube

Rush are among the titans of the music industry, no doubt. But would you believe that they too, can be funny without even trying?

A compilation of video clips was posted on YouTube last year from a channel named Chuey99, exploring all the funniest clips from the band when they are on and off the stage. One can see that the trio are at most comfortable when they’re together, surprising the world not just because of their sheer talents, but also with how well they utter punchlines like they were natural-born comedians.

Neil Peart’s attitude is what’s common to think of: alone, reading a book, and will smile in front of the cameras from time to time. But he will also throw you off with how well he provides some funny antics to the people around him.

With Geddy Lee, he’s someone that you would expect to just provide smart and silly jokes; a man that you can make fun of with the way he plays the bass or sings the lyrics of the songs. Trust us, he will only retort back with a funny line or two.

Alex Lifeson, however, is the real-life of the party. Someone may see Lifeson as a cool dude who speaks only occasionally. But once you get to know him, he’d be the person whom you’d likely vote to come to visit a random stranger’s party, because he’s a truly fun guy!

You can watch the clips below.