Listen To One Of Led Zeppelin’s Earliest Interviews – 1969

Listen To One Of Led Zeppelin’s Earliest Interviews – 1969 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Led Zeppelin live in 1969 - Led Zeppelin Rarities / Youtube

Led Zeppelin blew people’s minds off with their work early on in their careers. With just a year shy of their debut in 1968, the rock icons immediately pushed two albums out in 1969 that would become landmarks in their legacy. Borne from the dregs of the Yardbird, Led Zeppelin was a gathering of unlikely teenagers who caught on with each others’ interests quite seamlessly, making their own brand of blues-rock that would eventually envelope most of their work in the following decade.

As with the rockstar life, interview are unavoidable. Especially for the then-rising band, it was wise to dedicate some time for promotional material, and get a little personal with the listeners for good measure. But the boys didn’t really blend in well with the whole interview culture, and made for a rather awkward experience every time the band tried to do so. Here is one of the band’s earliest interviews, and probably one of the reasons why they shied away from it.