Listen To Neil Peart’s Isolated Drums On ‘2112’

Listen To Neil Peart’s Isolated Drums On ‘2112’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Neil Peart - Hudson Music / Youtube

Trust us – there isn’t any bad Rush song around, and part of that reason is due to Neil Peart’s amazing drumming. In the song “2112”, the Professor shows off his skill for timing and tasteful playing thanks to an isolated drum track done by a fan.

Peart is considered to be one of the most influential and important drummers not just in rock history, but in the entirety of music. Considered as a pillar of progressive rock and has been a reference of derivatives in genres like heavy metal, it’s no surprise how sharp the Professor is considering he started playing the instrument by 13. He moved to London at age 18 and only returned to Canada in 1972.

He was then scouted to join Rush in 1974, which was founded by guitarist Alex Lifeson in 1968 – the same year when bassist Geddy Lee joined. With Peart joining the fold, Rush became an unstoppable rock trio that was technically skilled, had amazing songwriting, and had a unique charm being one of the soberest bands in rock history.

More than a musician, Peart was also a writer. This is the reason why the band entrusted lyric-writing duties to him and has also published his own work by debuting in 1986 with The Masked Cyclist, which was all about his cycling trips across 11 countries in Africa. Since then, the drummer has published works that focused on personal accounts and memories of his life as a musician.