Lindsey Buckingham Throws “Accusation” At Stevie Nicks

Lindsey Buckingham Throws “Accusation” At Stevie Nicks | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lindsey Buckingham live in 2008 - TurnItUp / Youtube

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien on SiriusXM, Lindsey Buckingham delved into the circumstances surrounding his departure from Fleetwood Mac, hinting at underlying tensions within the band, particularly directed towards Stevie Nicks, albeit without explicitly naming her.

Reflecting on His Exit

Buckingham shared insights into the collective decision-making process within the band, stating,

“Without pointing any fingers, it was certainly fairly singular in how it was driven. Others in the band were not happy with what was going on at that point. And I think everyone would have liked to see me remain, but did what they felt they had to do in that moment. And that’s understandable. There’s no fingers to point at anyone, really. That’s rock and roll, right?”

Acknowledging the decision to continue touring without him, Buckingham expressed feelings of disrespect towards the band’s legacy, remarking,

“The band collectively allowing that to happen, maybe out of weakness to some degree, it disrespected the legacy we built. Because we’d been through 45 years almost of really some very difficult moments, some very difficult years, and we’d come back around. Like I say, that’s our legacy. So, to some degree, to go out and do something more generic was not honoring our legacy.”


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The tensions between Buckingham and Nicks surfaced notably in 2018

Lindsey’s request to postpone a Fleetwood Mac tour for his solo album promotion faced opposition from Nicks. This disagreement culminated in a confrontation at a MusicCares event in New York, marking a breaking point in their relationship. Buckingham reflected on this, sharing,

“That was again Stevie taking issue with some things that I said or did, apparently. I think it was just sort of a pretense for her, at that point. But who knows? Certainly, no one else in the band is on the same page in terms of that. But she gave the band an ultimatum. The irony of all that is for all of the things that we went through for those forty-three years, I mean, c’mon, this was nothing, really.”

In response to the legal aftermath, Buckingham sued Fleetwood Mac in October 2018, citing breach of agreement among other issues. However, the lawsuit was settled in December of the same year, marking a resolution to the legal dispute.

Lindsey Buckingham’s candid revelations shed light on the complexities and challenges within Fleetwood Mac, underscoring the delicate balance between artistic collaboration and individual aspirations within the band’s dynamic.