Wait, What? – Ringo Starr Will Release A Country Album

Wait, What? – Ringo Starr Will Release A Country Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ringo Starr live in 2009 - DrSalvadoctopus / Youtube

Ringo Starr, the renowned drummer from The Beatles, has surprised fans with the announcement of a new project: a country album. This unexpected turn in his music career has intrigued many, as Starr unveils his plans for not just an EP but a full-length album featuring ten tracks.

The Collaboration with Linda Perry

Last year, Starr hinted at his venture into country music with the revelation of an EP in the works, along with a collaboration with singer-songwriter Linda Perry. However, in a recent social media update on February 2nd, Starr shared the evolution of his plans, stating,

“I was gonna do a country EP, but as things are unfolding, it’s probably going to be like a real CD, ten tracks. Can you believe it? I haven’t done one of them in a long time. So that’s getting made ready.”

If this album materializes as expected, it will mark Starr’s first studio album since 2019’s What’s My Name. Throughout his solo career, Starr has embraced collaboration, evident in his previous album featuring notable artists like Joe Walsh, Benmont Tench, Steve Lukather, and even his fellow Beatle, Paul McCartney.


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A Four-Track EP In The Works

Additionally, Starr shared insights into his collaboration with Linda Perry, revealing a four-track EP titled Crooked Boy. This EP, showcased by Starr, will include the songs ‘Gonna Need Someone’, ‘Crooked Boy’, ‘February Sky’, and ‘Adeline’. Reflecting on his partnership with Perry, Starr expressed,

“She wrote the songs for me. She produced them. She’s a beauty, so musical. She has a great vibe. Peace and love, Linda.”

Excitement brews not only for Starr’s upcoming releases but also for his anticipated tour with The All Starrs, scheduled for the summer of this year. The tour will kick off with a performance at The Venetian theatre in Las Vegas, promising fans an unforgettable musical experience.

With Ringo Starr’s unexpected venture into country music and his ongoing collaborations, fans eagerly anticipate the melodies and stories he will unveil in his upcoming releases.

You can watch Ringo’s latest update in the video below: