Linda Ronstadt Reveals Her Favourite Genre of Music

Linda Ronstadt Reveals Her Favourite Genre of Music | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Throughout her career, Linda Ronstadt dabbled in a wide variety of musical styles, from rock to pop, and country. Nonetheless, despite her adaptability, Ronstadt has a preferred kind of music. The singer revealed her desires in an interview.

Ronstadt has a powerful vocal range and her ability to deliver a song to life is worth noting as well. However, there’s a particular genre in singing that she’d always feel comfortable doing, that is, for the love of duet singing.

“I prefer duets to anything else,” the singer explained. “I love all kinds of ensemble singing; I prefer singing with somebody else to singing alone, always. But my favorite way to sing with somebody else is a duet because there’s so much room to do stuff.”

Putting things into perspective, it’s not hard to see why she loves sharing parts with someone else in a song. In 2014, she released an album called Duets, comprising mostly of her duet work with several icons such as James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, and many more.

“When you sing with somebody else,” Ronstadt added. “If you’re listening and paying attention, your voice will take on colors and tones and textures that you might not be inclined to exercise when you’re just singing by yourself. There are so many variables in each person’s emotional and musical backgrounds; they’re bringing in all kinds of little colors and textures that may not be in your story, so you get to ride on all that and try to chameleon-color it. I love that.”

Listen to Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville’s iconic duet of “Don’t Know Much” below.