Let Santana Hypnotize You With ‘Soul Sacrifice’ 1969 Performance

Let Santana Hypnotize You With ‘Soul Sacrifice’ 1969 Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via GuitarDocs / Youtube

Identified as one of the greatest highlights in the archives of the rock industry, Santana’s hypnotizing performance of their instrumental track “Soul Sacrifice” is unquestionably a defining moment back in 1969’s Woodstock Festival.

Then an unknown band with no records to spare, Santana brought madness to the thousands of people who were there to celebrate their love for life. Altogether with the other members, everyone in the venue was enthralled by this 6-minute gem that catapulted the band to mainstream success.

If a fan would pinpoint a legendary performance of Carlos, this could be where the pin would land. Carlos Santana, the bandleader, gave an astounding performance that will forever be embedded in his achievements as a guitarist. But little did people know; Carlos was on the verge of tripping from psychedelic drugs when he gave this performance. As per Rolling Stone: “For the band as a whole, it was great. But I was struggling to keep myself grounded because I had taken some strong psychedelics right before I went onstage,” he had stated while reflecting on this iconic moment of Woodstock.

The performance of Santana gave the right atmosphere for the show. And since they came as nobodies before they stood the stage, eventually, they emerged as heroes of the night.