Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones Talk About Why Paul McCartney Is A “Perfect” Bassist

Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones Talk About Why Paul McCartney Is A “Perfect” Bassist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Throughout time, the music industry has been blessed with so many gifted musicians. Albeit the constant stereotype about bassists is that they aren’t “flashy” enough in comparison to guitarists and drummers, we have, however, these talented musicians who proved them wrong.

Led Zeppelin, one of the finest rock bands to walk on Earth, had John Paul Jones as its bassist. Often overlooked by many for his quiet and reserved persona (in contrast to his bandmates), Jones has the true definition of a “silent but deadly” talent – driving the sound of Led Zeppelin to a whole new sonic level.

Any compliment from Jones is worthy to take note of – it’s rare for legends to do such. Despite differences in their style of music, Led Zeppelin had always admired fellow legends The Beatles, who spearheaded the “British Invasion” that the Zep would always be thankful. Jones, in particular, admired bassist Paul McCartney and labeled him as the “perfect bassist.”

In a 1970 interview with NME, Jones named his favorite bassists as well as named some huge names in the music business. When asked what his thoughts were for Paul McCartney (The Beatles were on the brink of disbandment at this point) Jones explained:

“I think he’s perfect,” Jones says. “He’s always been good. Everything he’s done has always been right. Even if he didn’t do too much, it was still just right. He’s improved so much since the early Beatles days, and everything is still right.”