KISS Performed With No Make Up On KISS Kruise And It Feels Weird

KISS Performed With No Make Up On KISS Kruise And It Feels Weird | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via knucklebutt2 / Youtube

Apart from their hard-rocking music, KISS became well-known to everybody for their elaborate stage antics and stage outfits. So, when at some point they decided to perform without these things that built their reputation, it felt somewhat weird – but refreshing to look at.

The members of the band often costumes and make-up to evoke characters from comic books. These included the Starchild (Paul Stanley), the Demon (Gene Simmons), the Spaceman or Space Ace (Ace Frehley), and the Catman (Peter Criss). However, in the fan footage seen below, we can observe the bare-faced KISS having fun while playing on a cruise ship.

This week, Kiss left Los Angeles for their two-part festival KISS Kruise to Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Mexico. Activities like bingo, Q&As with the band members, autograph signings, Kiss Karaoke, a Halloween party, and multiple “masked” and “unmasked” live performances by the band are all on the schedule for the cruise.

On October 24, the first day of the festival, the band is in the “unmasked” state, that is, without costumes, makeup, or any other flashy performance features or props. “Two Timer,” from their 1975 album Dressed to Kill, is what’s performed by the glam metal group. According to available records, the band last played this song live in 2011.

Paul Stanley, the band’s guitarist, makes light of their minimalist setup with a quip. “You can tell, it’s all on tape, we’re not really playing, we’re not really singing… just kidding!”

You can watch the video below.