Kirk Hammett Has A Very Narcissistic View When Metallica Ends

Kirk Hammett Has A Very Narcissistic View When Metallica Ends | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Kirk Hammett with Metallica live in 2017 - Killer insaan / Youtube

In a recent conversation with American Songwriter, Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s talented guitarist, shed light on the band’s enduring presence in the music industry.

Metallica’s Commitment to Uniting People through Music

Reflecting on Metallica’s current stature and future direction, Hammett emphasized the band’s commitment to creating music that unites people and provides solace. He remarked:

“The band seems to get bigger. I guess that’s a good thing. We’re just going to continue to do the positive thing, which is to make music that brings people together and helps people. That seems like it’s the m.o. for the band, and we’ll continue to serve that. Because it’s gone beyond so many other things. It’s beyond status, beyond finances, beyond petty competition. It’s culture in its highest form, inspiring and supporting people through their daily lives.”

Hammett went on to express a profound sentiment, suggesting that the end of Metallica would signify the end of music as a whole. He elaborated on this belief, stating:

“It continues to do this, and there’s no real end. It isn’t like someone could wake up and say, ‘That’s the end of Metallica.’ No. It’s like saying that’s the end of music. That will never happen. Music is just one of those things that’s needed in life, and thank God we have it.”


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Metallica’s Strong Commitment to Music Keeps Them Moving Forward

Additionally, James Hetfield, Metallica’s iconic frontman, shared a different perspective on the notion of retirement in the music industry. In a statement dating back to 2015 that was circulated through the band’s fan club newsletter, Hetfield underlined that musicians, including the members of Metallica, do not retire but continue crafting music as long as they are physically capable.

He proclaimed, as reported by NME:

“Look, musicians never retire. They just become less popular. People think you’ve retired, but no, I’m still writing. It’s a part of me. It’s what I do on this planet. That’s why I’ve been put here, I believe. And if I stop that, part of me dies. There’s no retirement. So we do what we do until physically we can’t do it.”

Metallica’s band members are very dedicated to their music. This commitment helps them keep going even as time goes by. They have a strong desire to keep making music for their loyal fans. Their passion and purpose constantly fuel their creativity and motivate them to keep making music.