Jon Bon Jovi Shares How Bruce Springsteen Helped His Voice Recovery

Jon Bon Jovi Shares How Bruce Springsteen Helped His Voice Recovery | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Jon Bon Jovi recently shared with Ultimate Classic Rock’s Matt Wardlaw the role that fellow musician and friend Bruce Springsteen played during his recovery from vocal surgery. The Bon Jovi frontman underwent vocal cord medialization surgery in 2022 to restore his voice to its proper function after it broke down. During the challenging recovery, Springsteen acted not just as a fellow rockstar but also as a beacon of support, picking him up for drives just to show his friend that he was not alone.

Jon Bon Jovi’s Journey Back to the Stage

Jon Bon Jovi discussed his recovery in-depth, noting the severity of his condition and how it threatened to take his craft away from him. He explained how one of his vocal cords was ‘atrophying’ and had become significantly smaller than the other, affecting his singing ability and voice quality. Despite the hurdles, Bon Jovi expressed hope about returning to the stage. During a recent interview with Mix 104.1 Boston, he mentioned his desire to continue touring after his recovery process is complete, with a goal of performing two-and-a-half-hour shows four nights a week for months on end.

The upcoming Hulu four-part docuseries titled ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ will shed more light on Bon Jovi’s recovery journey. The show is set to debut on April 26 and will capture the period of his treatment after his recent vocal cord medialization. In his own words, he said,

“My voice was broken. And I had to go and seek someone out for something that’s not commonplace in vocal surgery. And it was scary. So these last couple years have been that journey.”


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Bruce Springsteen’s Support During Bon Jovi’s Recovery

Bon Jovi’s 40th-anniversary celebrations show no signs of slowing down either. Their 16th studio album, “Forever,” is set to be released on June 7, preluded by the hit single “Legendary” that has already made waves.

As vocal surgery remains a significant event in Bon Jovi’s career, he is still working on recovery after the major surgery. He expressed hope that he would recover soon, but recognized the need to take his time to get everything right fully.

The relationship between Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen is something unique among rock stars. They have been good friends for a long time, and during the interview, the iconic rocker shared insights into their connection, recounting how Springsteen provided emotional support during the tough times, even during the challenging days of his recovery. When Bon Jovi was ill, Springsteen would drive over to Bon Jovi’s house and take him out for drives into the countryside to help him feel better. Bon Jovi said,

“Bruce [came] to pick me up every couple of weeks. We’d take these 100-mile drives during the surgery where I could barely speak, and just that vote of, ‘I’m here for you, man.’ You know, ‘We’ll get through this.'”

Bon Jovi’s experience demonstrates the power of friendship and the strength it can provide during difficult times.

Even experienced singers can undergo vocal cord medialization surgery to restore their voice to its proper function and quality. With support, such as that given by friends like Bruce Springsteen, famous musicians like Jon Bon Jovi can make a complete recovery and return to the stage.