Sebastian Bach Insulted With “80s Musician” Label

Sebastian Bach Insulted With “80s Musician” Label | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Sebastian Bach, the iconic rock singer known for his raw energy and rebellion in the world of 80s rock, has recently expressed his disdain for the label “80s musician.”

Shift in Perspective

In a recent interview on Sound Up! with Mark Goodman and Alan Light, Bach revealed how he once considered the association with the 80s as an insult.

“For years, I took it as an insult. The word ’80s’ used to aggravate me,” Bach confessed. “I came out in ’89, and my other album was in ’91. So, it made me tired of being constantly labeled as an ’80s musician. I viewed it as an insult for a long time.”

However, Bach’s perspective began to shift when he stumbled upon a quote from another musician he greatly admires – Neil Young. As a fervent Neil Young fan, Bach pays deep respect to the legendary singer-songwriter. It was Young’s words that made him reconsider his feelings about the era he had grown tired of.

“I was reading one of Neil’s interviews, and he said, ‘Well, man, I always get this ’70s songwriter label. I was sick of all these…’ That quote resonated with me,” Bach explained. He realized that the ’70s were considered cool, and being labeled as a songwriter was indeed a compliment. This made him reflect on his own situation and urged him to let go of the negative associations with the ’80s musician label. He thought to himself, “Neil, get over it.”

Nostalgia for the Golden Era

In addition to his shifting perspective, Bach also expressed nostalgia for the music industry’s golden era. In a separate interview with Jonathan Montenegro on the My 3 Questions To podcast, he discussed what he misses most about the late ’80s and early ’90s music scene.

“What I miss most is the music industry itself. There really isn’t one anymore. It’s more based on social media,” Bach lamented. He reminisced about the time when music lovers had to physically visit a record store, spending hours scouring through albums to find the perfect ones to purchase. It was a more invested experience compared to the instant gratification of streaming services where an entire discography is available with just a click.

Looking ahead, Bach eagerly anticipates the release of his latest solo album, ‘Child Within the Man,’ scheduled to be released on May 10th. The album features collaborations with renowned guitarists such as John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi. With the release of this album, Bach plans to embark on a promotional tour across Latin and North America, gracing both solo performances and festival appearances.

Sebastian Bach’s journey as an artist has taken him from being aggravated by the label of an ’80s musician to embracing his legacy within that era. Through the influence of musicians like Neil Young, he has learned to appreciate the charm of the past while eagerly embracing new opportunities in the ever-evolving music industry.