Kid Absolutely Shreds “Pride & Joy” Solo To Pieces (SRV Would Be Proud)

Kid Absolutely Shreds “Pride & Joy” Solo To Pieces (SRV Would Be Proud) | I Love Classic Rock Videos

YouTube / AlruneRod2811

This Is How You Properly Play “Pride & Joy”

We’ve actually been following Fredrik Halland for years now. We first came across a video of his, when he was on a show in Norway and he tore it up. Now, some years later he did it again. Even though this clip is from 2010, it just shows how much he advanced from the first time. If you know anything about Stevie Ray Vaughan, he is arguably the greatest blues guitarists ever, alongside with B.B. King. The way he was able to create his signature sound and technique hasn’t really been duplicated from his time, on. But along will come fresh talent and prodigies like Fredrik who also can take things to a whole new level.

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES – NOVEMBER 24: Stevie Ray Vaughan performing at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco on November 24, 1984. He plays a Fender Stratocaster guitar. (Photo by Clayton Call/Redferns)

Not Easy To Play

The thing about the blues is, you have to ‘feel’ it. Not many people out there can produce what they feel in instrumentation. For being so young, Fredrik just has that capability. What it really is, is talent. Some people are just born with it. Just check out this solo.