John Bonham’s Grandson Releases New Song “Hate Me”

John Bonham’s Grandson Releases New Song “Hate Me” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Bonham - Bent Christiansen / Youtube

In his latest single, “Hate Me,” Jager Henry Bonham, the grandson of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and son of Jason Bonham, sings about the anguish of loving a lady who despises him. The song can be listened below.

An artist with a bright future, Jager Henry has much to offer. Henry is the son and grandson of two accomplished drummers, but he chose a different path by becoming a vocalist. Even acoustically, his path is very different from that of Led Zeppelin; Jager pursued a pop-punk sound similar to those of the Ramones.

With the release of his single, Jager opt to drop out his famous Bonham surname to gain recognition and respect for his work, and not with his famous relatives. “I was always talked about due to my last name,” the singer said. “So I thought why not switch it up a little and just basically took my last name and replaced it with my middle name and it had a nice ring to it.”

Last year, his father, Jason Bonham, commented on his son’s progress in music, which he’s reminded of when he was young. “He’s in that stage of his life where he’s the coolest dude in the world,” Jason said. “And the great thing about him is his work ethic. When he really wants something, he’s amazing.”

You can watch the music video for “Hate Me” down below.