Freddie Mercury’s Last Gift To Elton John

Freddie Mercury’s Last Gift To Elton John | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Freddie Mercury / Youtube

Friendships are hard to come by in the music industry, so when people make one, they have to work hard to keep it.

The ties that some musicians form with their fans might outweigh the success of their albums long-term success. When artists grow in popularity, they become more vulnerable to the various threats that threaten their careers and personal lives, and here is when they may lend a helping hand. It was like that with Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

Even at the worst of times, when Mercury was battling AIDS and John was battling substance addiction, they had each other’s backs and sincerely wished for the best. Mercury and John were so close that Mercury gave John a present just before his death.

Right when they first met, the two instantly hit it off. The bond got stronger when John struggled with substance abuse, with Mercury being one of the primary people who encouraged the “Rocket Man” singer to check into rehab and cope with his fame. In return, John was one of the few people who knew about Mercury’s AIDS illness, which he kept it until it was ready to announce to the world.

So, what was the gift that the Queen singer gave to John?

John received a picture by the artist Henry Scott Tuke, whom he had long admired. Mercury had already prepared his Christmas present in advance, so even if the worst were to occur, John would still receive it. A perfect memory for someone we cannot truly forget.