Joe Walsh Shares Secret How He Survived As A Young Rocker

Joe Walsh Shares Secret How He Survived As A Young Rocker | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / Youtube

Joe Walsh, the guitar maestro of the rock band Eagles, has had a fair share of tremendous controversies surrounding his young, rockstar life. He spilled some of the beans (that he could still recall) when he visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2017.

Inside the interview, host Stephen Colbert opened up about Walsh’s experience as a member of The James Gang touring in Europe together with The Who. As a young artist, Walsh’s name is imprinted as a hard party-goer, bumping shoulders with some fellow rock artists. Walsh joked that he didn’t remember any of it, “but the depositions, court, and the police reports” could say it all.

Asked if there are any particular people whom the guitarist liked to party with, Walsh mentioned Keith Moon and John Belushi. “He [Keith Moon] decided he liked me and we stayed up for a couple of months at night.” Walsh said. Colbert then asked on what it’s like to hang out with Belushi, to which Walsh replied, “scary.”

“Now, it’s funny. But at the time, [with] both of those gentlemen, it was terrifying. You did not know what was going to happen.” He recalled a particular frightening moment in Benihana, a Japanese steakhouse, when Belushi suddenly decided he was going to be their cook. “And he went full-on samurai… it was messy,” Walsh added.

You can watch the interview below.