Foghat’s 1976 Performance Of “Slow Ride” Proves They’re So Underrated

Foghat’s 1976 Performance Of “Slow Ride” Proves They’re So Underrated | I Love Classic Rock Videos


Foghat proves that they are so much better than they were given credit for. Spawning numerous albums and singles, they’ve shown us for quite some time how much intensity and vigor they still are in today’s standards.

While there are a lot of songs in their catalog to arguably define Foghat, perhaps the signature one to define them could be credited to their single, “Slow Ride.” “Slow Ride” is the lead song from their 1975 album Fool for the City, and contains 5 different versions released in the market. It peaked at no. 20 in the US Billboard 100, and no. 14 in the Canadian charts.

The song was born out of a jamming session when Foghat welcomed their newly-recruited bassist Nick Jameson. Roger Earl explained in an interview:

“Nick had a cassette player and he would record whatever we played there,” Earl said. “As I recall it, the whole song was written— the middle part and the bass part and the ending were all Nick’s ideas. Basically, Nick wrote the song, but we just jammed on it, and Nick cut the stuff up so it made sense as far as the song goes. And then Dave [Peverett] said, ‘I’ve got some words.’ That’s how that came about.”

“Slow Ride” remains one of Foghat’s staples and is also frequently played in rock radio stations. You can watch them perform the song below.