Jimi Hendrix Shares His Thoughts About Bob Dylan

Jimi Hendrix Shares His Thoughts About Bob Dylan | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Voodoo Child (Live in Maui, 1970) - Jimi Hendrix /YouTube/ Bob Dylan performs Visions of Joanna Live - Swingin’ Pig /YouTube

These two prodigies were a product of the same passion driven with the same dream— to conquer the world with their own talents in music. Though Bob Dylan was the first one to claim fame and fortune, Jimi Hendrix sailed his own ship and made it to the shore as well. And there’s so much respect that the two have to offer respectively.

After the success that skyrocketed upon the song cover of Hendrix to Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower”, the latter was superbly impressed with how well the former delivered and sung his tunes. With that in mind, Hendrix’s idolatry to Dylan often led to him sharing nothing but good remarks to the singer. And as far as they want to, they only shared one, hazy meeting full of marijuana and laughter.

“I remember it vaguely. It was at this place called The Kettle of Fish in the Village. We were both stoned there, and we just hung around laughing – yeah, we just laughed.” Hendrix said to Steve Barker in 1967. He further said that it was only a one-time encounter for them, and later went on to explain how he liked Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited album and the song “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.

Bob Dylan also shares the same sentiments with Jimi. After the guitarist died sometime in 1970, Dylan performs “All Along the Watchtower” in the same manner that Hendrix performed it, feeling like it was his tribute to him. And in 2015, when he was presented for MusiCares as the “Person of the Year”, he honored Hendrix then, wishing the late guitarist was still here.