How Richie Sambora Sacrificed Himself For Bon Jovi

How Richie Sambora Sacrificed Himself For Bon Jovi | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Richie Sambora, the iconic guitarist behind countless Bon Jovi anthems, has been living a quieter life since his departure from the band.

While some reports suggest this newfound peace is a positive change, a recent revelation paints a different picture of Sambora’s dedication during his Bon Jovi years. This dedication, it seems, came at a significant cost.

According to a source speaking to People, Sambora’s commitment to the band extended far beyond the stage. In a shocking detail, the source revealed an instance where Sambora sustained a serious injury – a torn shoulder – yet continued touring.

Pushing Through the Pain

Despite the severity of his injury, Sambora refused to let it derail the tour. The source revealed that Jon Bon Jovi even considered canceling the lucrative run of shows, potentially costing them a staggering $100 million. However, Sambora wouldn’t hear of it.

According to the source, he insisted, “No, I’ll put the guitar over my other shoulder.” Fueled by heavy doses of oxycodone, Sambora somehow managed to play through the pain, powering through 30-35 shows and securing the band’s financial success.

The toll on his body, however, was significant  Sambora eventually realized he needed to quit oxycodone, but the withdrawal was brutal. With the medication no longer numbing the pain, his body began to shake uncontrollably.

Frightened by the tremors, he even worried he had contracted Parkinson’s disease. The harsh reality was that his body was simply reacting to the absence of the powerful painkillers that had allowed him to perform through a devastating injury.

A Time of Loss

While Richie enjoyed a successful career with Bon Jovi, his departure right before a show was shrouded in mystery, simply cited as “personal issues.”

The recent interview sheds light on the complexities behind his exit. The source confirmed these weren’t just empty words – Sambora was truly facing a period of intense personal struggles.

The interview detailed several challenges Richie was grappling with at the time. He was dealing with the loss of his father, a significant emotional blow. Adding to the turmoil, his marriage to actress Heather Locklear had ended in divorce. These personal difficulties undoubtedly played a major role in his decision to step away from the band.

Taking Time for What Matters Most

While the personal struggles Sambora faced were significant, the source emphasized a positive aspect of his decision to leave. The source explained, “He needed to be home with his daughter, take care of her, and also take care of himself.” Prioritizing his family and well-being became a clear necessity during this challenging time.

The band adapted, with guitarist Phil X stepping in to fill the void left by Sambora’s departure.  Phil X’s contributions proved valuable, as he eventually became a full-fledged member in 2016.  A recent trailer for the documentary Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story even features Sambora reflecting on his exit.

While there’s no remorse over the decision itself, the source revealed that Sambora regrets the abrupt manner of his departure. Apparently, the rest of the band was unaware of his intention to leave so suddenly.