Ever Notice How Wolfgang Van Halen Remembers EVH Every After Performance?

Ever Notice How Wolfgang Van Halen Remembers EVH Every After Performance? | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Have you noticed Wolfgang Van Halen’s touching gesture after his concerts? He always takes a moment to point towards the sky. This simple act holds a deep meaning, a way to honor his late father, the legendary Eddie Van Halen.

Wolfgang now leads his own band, Mammoth WVH, carrying the torch of his father’s musical legacy. The younger Van Halen even played alongside his dad in Van Halen from 2006 to 2020. Tragically, Eddie lost his battle with cancer in 2020.

Despite this loss, Wolfgang continues to find ways to keep his father’s memory alive, and this post-performance ritual is a powerful testament to that.

Honoring His Father’s Legacy While Forging His Own Path

Wolfgang acknowledged the profound influence of his father, saying, “The reason I do what I do is because of my dad,” he tells People magazine. He feels a responsibility to honor his father’s legacy, adding, “So if I didn’t or at least think about him throughout the process, I’d be doing a disservice to my existence.” 

However, Wolfgang is also carving his own musical path. While expressing his gratitude to his father, he doesn’t simply replicate his sound. “These tributes don’t extend to regularly covering the songs he played with Eddie as part of Van Halen.”

He emphasized his individuality in an interview with Talk Is Jericho, stating, “I’m my own person; I’m my own musician.” This is reflected in his decision to focus on his original music with Mammoth WVH.

Wolfgang Sticking to Originals

Van Halen may be known for their electrifying covers like “You Really Got Me” and “Dancing in the Street”, but those weren’t necessarily Eddie’s favorites. According to a 1982 interview with Guitar World, Eddie wasn’t thrilled about starting with someone else’s song. He preferred the challenge and satisfaction of creating original music.

Wolfgang Van Halen carries on that tradition. The younger musician feels a strong connection to his father’s philosophy. “Even my dad hated doing covers,” Wolfgang said, referencing a quote that resonates with him: “‘I’d rather bomb with my own music than succeed with somebody else’s.'”

This explains why Mammoth WVH focuses on original music. Wolfgang prioritizes forging his own path, even if it means not achieving instant success with established Van Halen hits.

But There’s a Notable Exception

Wolfgang made a well-received exception at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts in 2023.  Joined by a stellar lineup including Dave Grohl and Josh Freese, Wolfgang delivered blistering renditions of “Hot for Teacher”, “On Fire”, and the legendary “Panama”.

The decision to perform these classic tracks wasn’t taken lightly. “It was wonderful,” Wolfgang reflected later, “It was the exception where it felt like this would be the time to do it.”

He explained the unique circumstances, “Taylor was such a huge fan, and to get my own satisfaction of doing a direct Van Halen tribute for Dad, it felt like the right thing to do in that moment.” The performances were a success, and Wolfgang expressed his pride in honoring both his father and the late Taylor Hawkins.